Debt Decimator is a debt payoff assistant that shows you the fastest way to pay off your credit cards. It does this by combining the power of a credit card debt spreadsheet (like the kind you would use in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) and turns it into an app that you can use on either the desktop or your smartphone.

Controlling your debt management is easy with Debt Decimator – it's just four steps to financial freedom!

  1. Load your debt. Simply add the balance remaining, the current minimum payment, and the interest rate on each of cards. It doesn't have to be a credit card, either – Debt Decimator works with any kind of loan or line of credit.
  2. Set your monthly budget. Decide how much cash you are willing to set aside each month for debt reduction, and assign it in the app.
  3. Use the app while you pay your bills. When you're ready to sit down and make payments on your credit card, load up Debt Decimator in another tab or on your smartphone.
  4. Make the recommended payment for each card. Debt Decimator acts as a debt payoff assistant, and advises you on the optimal payment you should make for each credit card. If the online account status of your card has changed (for example, the balance or minimum payment have gone up), simply update those values in Debt Decimator, and you'll immediately receive an up-to-date recommendation!

That's it! Those four simple steps will keep you on your path to financial freedom, ensuring you take the fastest, optimal route in your quest to eliminate debt.

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