Your credit cards have due dates scattered all throughout the month. And every month, like clockwork, you make your payments on their expected due dates. You might even have your bills set up to automatically pay (and here's why we don't like that). From your perspective, it's the The Right Thing™ to do: paying your bills on time prevents black marks from appearing on your credit report (and your credit score is vital to much more than just your lending confidence).

But is paying every card on its due date the most effective way to balance your budget? If you have 10 due dates on the 3rd of the month, but only 3 due dates on the 27th...are you forevermore cursed to suffer with less available cash on hand for the first two weeks of every month?

Only if you enjoy having an empty wallet!

Introducing "Smart Scheduling"

When you load your credit card debt into Debt Decimator, it will:

  1. look at your budget,
  2. compare it to how frequently you get your paycheck, and
  3. analyze all of your payments to determine the smartest way to divide those payments up across the month.

This optimized payment calendar shows you the most efficient way to split your payments up across the month. We call this "Smart Scheduling" and we think you'll love it.

Debt Decimator's "Smart Schedule", displaying evened-out payments for a customer that is paid twice a month.

With "Smart Scheduling", you'll live a much smoother, evened-out financial experience – it ensures you'll have the maximum possible available cash on hand throughout the month.

If you choose, you can even take "Smart Scheduling" a step further, and enter in each of your card's due dates; when used in tandem with Smart Schedules, Debt Decimator optimizes splitting your payments as evenly as possible while also hitting each due date. You can even mix & match: for example, specify just one credit card's due date, and your remaining cards will be split/evened-out around that one.

Why suffer with an empty wallet when automatically paying bills at the beginning of the month? Let Debt Decimator take a look at your cards, your budget, your payment that it can tell you what to pay and when.

Let's get some cash back into your wallet.