In the real world, a hot credit card is your favorite plastic rectangle in the middle of a shopping spree. Whether it's a new skin for an online game, that special edition book from your favorite author, or a new pair of shoes you just have to have, the hot card is the one you just keep on charging to. When you're shopping, the hot card is your #1 go-to card -- it gets you the things that you want as fast as humanly possible (as long as it doesn't combust!)

In the Debt Decimator world, the hot card is also the #1 card in your wallet, but for a very different reason. When shopping, your goal is "things" -- online skins, special edition books, shoes to die for -- and getting those items into your bags as fast as possible. When you are paying your credit card bills, however, your goal is being debt free as fast as possible.


If you have multiple credit cards, each with a different balance, how do you decide which card to pay off first? Is it the card you shop with the most? Or is it the one with the lowest balance? Didn't someone once tell you it should be the one with the highest interest rate? Maybe it should be your emergency card? ARRRG!!!

Rest easy. Debt Decimator tells you which card is your hot card and it tells you how much to pay. You'll see your hot card in two places:

  1. When you view your monthly plan (which shows all your recommended payments at a glance):


  1. When you are in "bill pay" mode, and are working your way through the list of cards you are about to make a payment on:


No more guessing. No more letting the banks collect any more interest than they should. With Debt Decimator, you instantly see which card is your hot card and how much you should you can put the fire out, once and for all.