The team at Debt Decimator has a question for you:

Where's your yacht?

You bought all the financial planning books, right? Read them cover-to-cover? At some point decided: Yeah. This makes sense. I'm gonna do this! I mean, clearly the author knows what they're talking about...they have a yacht!'s yours?

Not Quite Right

Something is fishy in the personal finance industry. Self-help books rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Yet huge percentages of Americans are still drowning in debt.

If there are 300+ million people in the US, and nearly 80% of each demographic carries debt, why aren't these books, apps, and advisers doing anything to stop the bleeding?

In her 2012 book Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry, Helaine Olen wrote extensively about how financial "experts" who claimed we could "Think and Grow Rich"...weren't grounded in the same reality as us. Through her research, she debunked their nearly-useless (and sometimes dangerous) advice, drawing a red circle around how "tips" from the ultra wealthy had very little practical application in daily life.

Stop us if you've heard some of this advice before:

  • "Cut out lattes and other small expenditures from your daily purchases!" - how does this help with housing, education, health care, and/or retirement?
  • "Instead of veal, opt for dining on chicken instead." - how much veal were you able to afford in the first place?
  • "Maintain a disciplined investment regimen." - how can one invest when one still lives paycheck-to-paycheck?
  • "Improve your financial literacy with classes." - how does one manage to find the time for said classes when they are (see above) living paycheck-to-paycheck?

We have a theory we share with Ms. Olen. Is it possible that extremely wealthy celebrities are out-of-touch with the struggles of the common man and woman? Perhaps there was a time when they could relate to us; a time when they struggled, just as we do.

Perhaps that time has passed.

While we can debate the exact reason so many people blindly follow their advice (without much success), we suspect one need only look at their diamond-encrusted necklaces and fancy yachts to understand why.

So...what will work?

If wealthy financial planners have grown out-of-touch with their audience, what's the next step? The answer: advice from people struggling, like you.

People that don't have yachts or diamond-encrusted necklaces, but that do continue to struggle with issues like medical bills, credit card debt, but have found a path out...and want you to join them.

No more platitudes. No more lightweight advice that doesn't help your situation. Instead, real-world solutions to problems that real people like you struggle with every day. Solutions like:

  • Lists of recommended retail resellers across the nation that you can use to earn additional money from.
  • Tips on how to properly set up a GoFundMe (along with both appropriate and inappropriate uses of public charity).
  • How to calculate the absolute fastest payoff of your credit cards, down to the penny.
  • Why cutting up credit cards is a foolish idea, and the proper way to control your credit card expenditures when you can't pay them all off at the end of the month (like so many gurus advise!)
  • Malleable budgets that grow or shrink, based on your current situation, while always aiming to keep as much additional cash in your pocket as possible.
  • Instead of financial literacy education (which doesn't even have evidence to prove effective), education on the social safety nets of society: what you can lean on in times of need – and what you can contribute to and defend when those safety nets are threatened.
  • Career advice - perhaps one of the single biggest ways to solve debt issues - so that you can gain a better footing...and a better income.
  • Access to a community of real people that have dug their way out of debt – or are still struggling to -- and that understand intimately the pains and struggles you suffer from.

If these sound more like real-world solutions than those of the myriad books that fill our collective shelves with advice that simply hasn't "taken", then don't waste another minute. Click the green button below and sign-up for the Debt Decimator mailing list, so we can begin with 5 free real-world lessons that will stop the bleeding.

Stop pouring money into books that are only going to fund larger yachts and bigger diamond necklaces. Pour it back into something that counts: You.