The crushing weight of debt is so psychologically draining, its very existence threatens your chances at success. Many strong folks have succumbed under the weight of excruciating financial issues, as it often appears that there is no end in sight. One of the most important keys to debt reduction is the mental health aspect: you must protect your motivation at all costs.

One of the best techniques shared among the finance community is the concept of a "debt thermometer" - a literal picture of a thermometer that shows the "temperature" of your debt reduction. Instead of measuring degrees of heat, the thermometer is marked with percentages that you color in as you hit milestones of paying off debt. Every time you hit a milestone, give yourself a treat! You've earned that reward!

Debt Thermometers are a fantastic way to build and keep motivation intact. The idea is to print these thermometers out and paste them up on a wall in a room you frequent, transforming it into your "wall of debt" - a room that becomes a daily source of inspiration contributing to your success. We absolutely love this idea!

Image: An example wall of debt with debt thermometers (Source: @TanitoRosanna)

In fact...

We love this idea so much, we implemented the very same idea into Debt Decimator...and then we supercharged it.

In Debt Decimator, whenever you need a quick boost to your motivation, you can click on the "Calculate Payoff" button, then view your debt thermometer health via the "Future Milestones" tab. Not only does it show your debt reduction progression, you can scroll through your entire timeline and see the exact date in the future that each debt will be cleared out. What better way to motivate you than to show you where you're headed, and the exact date you'll be debt free? Not only do you see all your future rewards/incoming treats, you know the exact date you'll get to them!

Image: Debt Decimator's "Future Milestones" panel, an interactive wall-of-debt that updates in real-time.

Like the idea of Debt Thermometers and want to create a Wall of Debt of your own? We've got a free download right here that you can print out and try for yourself!

Download a free printable debt thermometer.

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