When we're in the middle of a shopping spree and stumble across the one thing we absolutely have to have, we're not thinking about emergencies. This is the emergency, right here and now. A killer outfit, that sick vape kit, this sale on plane tickets so you can sneak off to Vegas or Cancún or Rio. It feels right. And so, you shamefully turn to an old friend: your "emergency" card.

Narrator: "These weren't emergencies."

Real emergencies are often a tough pill to swallow. A flat tire. An unexpected medical emergency. Water pooling out from beneath the refrigerator. Is...that...smoke you're smelling coming out of the back of your computer?

You have to have something set aside for emergencies. But it's so hard...

Thankfully, there's help. We know the all-too-painful truth about the emergency card: you've charged non-emergencies to it. What's done is done. Now is not the time to pass judgement. Now is the time to step up and take care of business. Here's how Debt Decimator can help.


When you manage your credit cards in Debt Decimator, you can select one card as your emergency card. Then, when it comes time to calculate your payoff, the emergency card gets a little extra love:

  • Payoff strategies are adjusted to ensure that your emergency card is paid down (but not necessarily off!) such that you always have a workable amount of credit that can be leaned on during times of desperate need.
  • If the balance on your emergency card is too high, it'll take precedence over your hot card.
  • If you get fast-and-loose with your emergency card, no harm nor foul -- Debt Decimator automatically re-prioritizes it, if the balance passes the "not a great balance to carry for emergencies" threshold.

No need to thank us. Thank yourself for choosing a debt management calculator that knows how we all treat our emergency cards. You'll breathe a sigh of relief when it comes time to replace your smartphone's shattered screen.