If you ask us, Debt Decimator's favorite movie is 2015's "The Martian."

If you haven't seen it yet, we highly recommend you treat yourself to a movie night...because it is all about extreme budgeting.

But...I thought it was about Matt Damon being stuck on Mars and trying to get home?

Yes, it's about that, too. But there are lessons to be gleaned from "The Martian" that apply directly to your daily struggles with debt.

In the movie, Damon's character is stuck on the planet Mars. He has to survive for 4 years while awaiting a rescue ship. He has enough food to last 30 days. Based on these devastating numbers, it is an astronomical amount of time that he must survive (pun intended). In order to survive, he needs to grow new food on a planet with no oxygen and no water. The odds are not even close to being in his favor. How on Earth (Mars?) can a person pull this kind of herculean effort off?

Extreme budgeting feels very similar. As you claw your way out of a hole of debt, it feels like the deck is stacked against you: interest compounding, medical bills piling up, little-or-no credit score to assist you with lenders. The future looks similarly crushing...if you can see it at all.

Even though every Vegas gambler would bet against Damon's odds, he doesn't give up. Instead, he states his plan very eloquently (at 1:30 in the trailer above):

"I'm going to have to science the shit out of this."

We won't give away what Damon's character does (go watch it!) but we will say this: even though "The Martian" is a work of fiction, the author painstakingly researched every single tactic Damon employs on the planet's surface, confirming with real scientists that everything was possible – without any prior scientific knowledge. He just started Googling.

The story is make-believe, but the math is real.

So, too, is the struggle out of debt hell. Yes, it can be overwhelming and feel completely out of your hands. But there is a way out. Debt Decimator was founded on this very fact: anyone, regardless of income or crushing debt, can find a path out...and we are determined to find you those tools (or build them ourselves) so you can make it back home.

Don't give up. Leverage any and all tools you can. If you don't have any tools, consider subscribing to the Debt Decimator mailing list (the big green button below) so we can get you started with some baby steps.

You're going to be debt free, because you're going to math the shit out of this.