Excelling at math

Credit card debt calculators come in many flavors...and nearly all of them end up in a spreadsheet. We have nothing against spreadsheets (we love Excel and Google Sheets equally!) and we agree that you can do some really fantastic things in spreadsheets. We'll even let you in on a secret: most robust financial management software began as someone's spreadsheet – just an average Joe/Jane just trying to math out a solution.

A typical debt calculator spreadsheet in Excel

But spreadsheets have a sharp learning curve for most folks. They can be tough to figure out if you aren't super technical and don't love crunching numbers in your spare time. There are certainly large swaths of online Excel courses that would get you up to speed, but to that we ask: should you have to take a course in Excel just to calculate your debt payoff? One thing a time!

They're (Not) Just a Bill

As for bill management tools, you probably know that there are plenty to choose from. They all work pretty much the same: connect up your bank or credit card accounts, set up your reminders to fire on-or-around each bill's due date, then sit back and let the alarms roll in, telling you to make your payments. Most work directly from your smartphone, so you have the added convenience of getting your reminders & making your payments wherever you happen to be. We like that a lot!

A typical bill payment app on a smartphone

What we don't like, however, is how these apps are tailored towards getting your bills paid, when they should be tailored towards getting you out of debt. To be fair, that's no fault of these apps: most bills are recurring fixed costs like utilities and rent – costs that don't change from month to month.

But credit card payments do change month to month, due to both usage and interest. Make no mistake: unlike a subscription to a service, credit card payments are debt: they are a red mark on your credit score, and must be handled differently than regular bills. One cannot simply recommend the minimum payment on a credit card payment! In a perfect world, these apps ought to advise you on what you should be paying.

Enter: Debt Decimator

Imagine a world where the two concepts above could be married in mathematical harmony. If you could take the power and flexibility of a snowball calculator spreadsheet, and combine it with the convenience of a mobile app that reminds you to pay your bills while also advising the best payoff strategy, the result would be a "Debt Payoff Assistant" – a brand new type of tool that empowers you to take control of your financial situation and claw your way out of debt and into financial freedom.

Surprise! There's no need to imagine it -- a "Debt Payoff Assistant" already exists. Sign-up for the Debt Decimator mailing list below, and we'll get you started with 5 free debt management lessons as well as a 50% off coupon when Debt Decimator is released to the public!